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Expat Coaching,

Cultural Neuroscience,

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy,

Cognitive & Behavioral Approach
Welcome to HEMISPHERES, the brain and heart charging station with international power for mobile pioneers!
HEMISPHERES helps smoothen your life, career, or cultural transitions in a confidential, pragmatic, and caring way.
Anthropologist, trainer & therapist, Isabelle Gillet's experience spans 28 years in multicultural settings.
Positive Psychology
Burnout Prevention
Gifted Education
Cultural Acumen
Need a break?
Seek a boost?
Want training 
or supervision? 
Looking for a meeting space?
HEMISPHERES is a versatile private practice focusing on Cross-Cultural Intelligence deployment within organizations and self-development tools for Gifted Nomads, in Brussels, the Algarve, and around the world.
Founded by
a trilingual psycho-traumatologist, ethnoclinician (French/English/ Portuguese) and certified coach, HEMISPHERES provides high quality expat coaching, 
integrative therapy, leadership soft skill training and professional supervision, near NATO and the EU, as well as online.
HEMISPHERES' customers are talented people such as leaders, spouses and global minds from corporate, nonprofit, military or diplomatic communities as well as the support teams of organizational and human behavior experts who empower them.

HEMISPHERES works on unlocking your human potential

at personal, social, cross-cultural, and organizational levels.

What exactly can you expect?

What do Expat & Gifted Coaching and Ethno-Clinical Services mean, concretely?

All the topics I am able to assist with deal with "uniqueness" and "transitions".

You may be one of these persons:



An Expat or World Citizen…

  • living abroad and having a hard time to adjust to the host nation

  • wishing to maintain close connections with « home » despite the distance

  • working/studying/retiring in a foreign country, about to depart or to return

  • with a confused sense of belonging after travelling the world or changing paths often

  • struggling with overwhelm and stress, yet wishing to be focused and dynamic again


A Talented Adult…

  • having a unique, nomad lifestyle or professional talent not so easy to live with

  • who needs help with decoding, understanding and learning cultural codes or with hacking your own brain

  • involved in a (ending) relationship with a partner from another culture/religion/social class

  • in the process of breaking free from worry, guilt, manipulation, past chains of all kinds

  • uncomfortable in a new setting you are not familiar with

  • unsure about a new situation in which you are expected to perform

  • identified as « gifted » or having a high potential/high ability/high sensitivity but sensing a deep dissatisfaction with life, an emptiness or feeling unfulfilled and wanting to be on a more exciting path towards worthwhile pursuits


A Leader or Global Worker:

  • who comes from a different corporate culture and needs to fit in the new one

  • who is moving to another company/sector/position and is trying to blend in smoothly

  • wondering how to close the generation gap with your colleagues to form a more cohesive team

  • managing an organization in which employee diversity challenges your usual communication style

  • struggling to fit a new coach-like leadership role having come from a more operational position

  • in charge of facilitating a major transformation/fusion/restructuration/relocation at work


Anyone Else Just Trying to Become « The Best Version of Oneself »:

  • reconnect with yourself, unveil your creativity, gain peace of mind and reach your goals

  • as the expert of your own life, be in the pilot seat and start on a new journey to self-discovery

  • explore your deepest values, strengthen your inner resources and challenge your limiting beliefs

  • cope with difficult situations and determine what is important for the next chapter of your life

  • learn how to think « out of the box » or even rather « in new boxes » (in multiple and innovative ways)


Together we can address any other issue involving "a-broad perspective"

whether it be in your character, lifestyle, career, the context of your relationships,

the circumstances occuring in your life, or the cultural climate in which you run your business.


Why wait any longer for support? I am here to help!

HEMISPHERES focuses on personal assets, group interactions and professional growth.

I support people from all walks of life who are on their way to a major change.


The scope, nature and combination of my interventions,

coaching, therapy, training, supervision, consultancy, 

will be tailored to your own needs, rhythm and objectives.

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On a personal note, I am passionate about continuing my own inner development journey while bringing contentment and balance to the people around me. I keep my own sanity by watching the ocean waves in Portugal, listening to music in my hybrid (silent) car, growing flowers & aromatic herbs in my tiny urban garden, and attending professional seminars weekly to keep both my mind and practice agile. I also enjoy diving in a good book or sharing a tasty meal with my loved ones...

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